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Funny how thorns hurt more to get out than they do when they get in.

Convince me

Convince me that I am wrong.

Woman’s guilt

The conviction we are responsible for happiness of others, and not our own happiness. The idea we have to sacrifice...


I try so hard not to know you.


Every time the looks, the beauty, are what essentially means - am I lovable?

Come, my love

Come, come, my love, do not fear my warmth.


Don't speak.

Smooth voice

His smooth voice was singing about thousand kisses.


Of course, my anger was, as anger usually is, just a cover up for other emotions. Feeling betrayed. Disappointed. Treated...

Not telling you

There are so many things I want to say to you.

If you are in love with poems as I am, then I invite you to look at random quote about poetry.