From Dragon with love

“Long ago and far away, Dragon met a Whale. Maybe it was intuition, maybe it was fate, maybe coincidence – does it really matter, what it was? It was, what it was. It started letter exchange from one part of the world to the other, it started friendship… Words formed new worlds. One of those worlds was a blog, a dedication to their dreams to write (and to travel…). Dragon wanted, or maybe needed, those dreams to be real, so she created it. It might not be what it was supposed to be when the idea was born, but then again, children grow in their own ways, don’t they? It is what it is.”

I say I’m used to pain. Maybe… but in reality nobody gets used to it. We survive it. Forget it. Get over it. Live it. Get used to it, so we would not feel it – no, not completely, never. We just look for ways, consciously or not, to survive.

Letters helped me through my darkness, and then they helped me cry, and then… they helped me rediscover Words. Those that I wrote long before we met, and those that are still waiting to be written. I wish I could say they come from joy. Most don’t. But all of them want to be given away, shared, sent into space. A day came when I realized that that is the only thing keeping me here. I started something we talked about – sharing the writings. Whale swims in oceans that take him away, but the world, filled with Words that become Letters, remains in me.

This is my way. I’m sharing – my thoughts, my days, my dreams, my fears, my wounds, my hurt, my miracles, my light and my darkness… my words, letters and worlds. Myself.

With love, Alenka H.