About photos

I try to see the beauty in everything. Most of the time it’s the small scenes that draw smile on my lips. I want to share that. That is why each post is accompanied by a photo. While they may not have any importance to the post itself, they do have a purpose. And they are also carefully chosen. I made a decision not to edit them in any way (except for cropping to have the same ratio – although that changed when blog was moved from free one to self-hosted). Almost all of them are taken by phone, no special one. What is special about them is that they show the world as I see it. I am very aware of the fact that even if not edited at all this is not the exact representation of reality. The moment the reality is observed it is influenced by the observer. No two persons see it the same. That is even more true about the camera lens – and the photographer. Everyone would take a different photo of the same thing. Equally important is the fact that camera lenses don’t “see” or record the world the same way human eyes do. But I believe that’s not what matters in this case. What matters is that even when I hurt I look for beauty – and I find it.