You cannot give yourself to everyone, my Whale said.

Maybe not. Probably… But maybe, if you get enough in return, there is always something to give.

It’s been a hard year for me. I’ve learned that some care only when I can do something for them. Some say they care, but their actions speak otherwise. Some don’t care at all…

In the end, that what we want, isn’t it? Someone who cares. Someone to tell them how you spend your day. What plans you have for tomorrow. Where you are going on Sunday. What books you read and the quote that touched your heart. What made you laugh. What made you cry. Why you look so sad and why you smile. The poem you wrote. What you were dreaming at night. Why you like this shirt so much. That you are having a haircut in the afternoon. What someone said that made you angry and how you know it’s not true. The milk you spilled and the funny shaped cloud you saw on your way in the morning. The big and the small things, the silly and the serious, the real you. All of it. Not because it matters to the world or even to them. But because it matters to you. Because you want to share and they want to listen just because it’s you.

Maybe, if you have someone to share that with, it gives you so much you always have something to give to others.

Alenka H., 2021

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