Almost, but not yet

It’s almost springtime. Almost. Some days it’s here, some days not yet. Some mornings are too cold, but some afternoons are warm and sunny and smell like growth.

I like this time, pre-spring. Early flowers bloom, others are still sleeping. You can see the buds on trees waking up, slowly, not yet ready to show, but you know they are there.

You can sense the restless life that is just below surface.

And the world is so full of options, chances, all that could be. You know what is to come, you can almost see the richness that will be in a few week’s time.

Or maybe not. Cold can still come. Buds can freeze. You can never tell. But right there is an abundance of possibilities, the joy of life and birth and growth and fruit to come. Everything is still there to almost see, almost touch, almost feel.

All the possibilities. Just as the last moment of dreams before you wake up. The first smell of food before you taste it. The last inch before the first kiss. The brush of air before the touch. Everything can still be ok.

Yes, I love this time, with the joy, the optimism, the open doors, the invitation and the anticipation.

Alenka H., 2022

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