It’s a little funny how we name sexual activity “intimacy”. It’s supposed to be the last step, the ultimate bond, the final touch between people.

It is not. And it’s not about love and sex, it is not about knowing eachother. It has nothing to do with either being together for a long time, before you make love, or having sex with no attachments, as some name it.

No. While bodies do matter and while having sex can be making love, it is souls that the real intimacy is about.

Comforting someone. Sharing joys and fears. Telling dreams. Holding in embrace. Trusting. That is what real intimacy is about.

You can have sex, orgasms, kisses… And still feel universes apart.

Or you can be totally dressed and souls touch eachother – intimately. Ultimately.

Alenka H., 2021

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