I stepped on a thorn today. From a rose bush. It was not pleasant, but it didn’t really hurt that much. After some time it started to hurt a bit. Now it hurts a lot. That’s how it goes, doesn’t it? You see a rose. Such a beautiful flower. And the smell… You want to bathe in it. When it cuts you the first time, you’re surprised. But you don’t mind. Until… Until you start limping. It hurts more and more and suddenly you can’t make another step. It hurts so bad, it’s infected. You forget the smell and the blossoms and soft petals. Because now all you know is the pain you feel. And you don’t blame the rose. Nor the thorn. It is what it is. You blame yourself for being foolish enough to step on that thorn. But it’s too late.

I got it out. Funny how thorns hurt more to get out than they do when they get in. Just like love.

Alenka H., 2023

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