Needed, wanted, loved

I know you don’t need me, said her lover to the heroine of the book I’ve been reading. I know you don’t need me, but you choose me, because you want me. There is nothing more appealing to a gentleman that to be wanted, not needed, he told her.

It is not just gentleman, is it? It’s human. The longing for to be wanted, not just needed.

And there is this song… About being wanted, needed, but not loved. Two out of three ain’t bad, it says. Maybe… What would one choose, when given those options?

Being needed can give your life a meaning, a purpose. Being wanted can keep you warm inside, appreciated and special. Being loved… How can one describe the feeling of being really loved? The gentle force that transforms.

We need to be needed. We want to be wanted. And we love to be loved.

It can be so confusing sometimes. We think we want, when in reality we just need, but don’t want to admit it. We think we love, when we want to be wanted, needed and loved. It takes us a lifetime or more to admit, yes, there is difference, and no, we don’t always see it.

Yet our hearts know it. It feels different, smells different. Being needed, wanted and loved.

Alenka H., 2021

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