Our decisions, our accountability

We are, who we decide to be.

We act the way we decide to act.

We decide how we treat others.

We decide if we are loving, supportive, caring.

We decide if we give or take.

It is our decision.

Many things are out of our hands. Many, many things. Who, what and how we are is not – at least, not completely.

It is our decision to change. Be better version of ourselves. Be what we want to be.

It is easy? No. Is it simple? No. Does making a decision mean it is done? Oh, no. But is it a start.

The trick? Our decision means it’s our responsibility. Our accountability. And we just don’t like that, do we? It’s so much easier to say we are done and sculptured and molded the way we are, and so so much easier to blame others, the world, universe, fate, for the way we are.

But it’s just an excuse. Just an attempt to think it is not us who hurt, leave, forget… – us who decide.

Alenka H., 2021

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