How would you respond?

I’d touch you… Explore you… Draw my fingers over you… Feel every inch. Slowly, gently, and fast and strong. With fingers in your hair… Your eyes, your cheeks. With my lips and my tongue following my fingers. Lowering from your face, passing your neck… How do you feel? How do you smell? How do you taste? Would you want me to taste you? How does your heartbeat feel, if I kiss your neck? Would you allow me, no, would you want me to go lower? To cross your body, touch it and feel it and see how it responds to me… How do you breathe, if I put my palms to your chest and wait for every inhale, every exhale, while I look into your eyes? If I kiss you, can I feel it in your belly? Does your body talk to me, even if your words don’t? If I travel south, does it tell me what you like, what you want, even if you don’t say it? Would your eyes show me? If I’d touch and kiss, how would you respond? Would you say the same as your eyes, your breath, your heartbeat, your body? Oh, I believe those would all tell me… But would your words say the same? Because I’d talk to your soul and your body with my fingers, my breath, my lips, my tongue. How would you respond?

Alenka H., 2021

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