I try so hard
not to know you.
I close my mind,
I shut my heart,
I silence the blood
that screams your name.
I run and I hide,
just to come back
as I always have
and I always will.
I wait at your door,
ashamed and defeated,
a slave to my love.

Alenka H., 2021

Come, my love

Come, come, my love,
Do not fear my warmth.
Come with the night breeze,
With wine and some bread,
Come on a wishing star,
Bring us some light.
I want to see your eyes
Sparkling beside me,
I want to taste that wine
Still on your lips.
We’ll feed the bread to the birds,
For we will be sated.

Alenka H., 2021


Don’t speak.

Do not complain.

Don’t speak.

It’s simple and plain

Don’t speak.

Just hide your pain.

Don’t speak.

You don’t have a say.

Don’t speak.

Stay out of way.

Don’t speak.

Who cares what you feel?

Don’t speak.

You’re not the only one here.

Don’t speak.

Your voice is annoying.

Don’t speak.

You don’t listen enough.

Don’t speak.

Just go away.

Don’t speak.

Where are you now?

Alenka H., 2023

Smooth voice

His smooth voice was singing
about thousand kisses.
I said to myself
“no, girl, do not cry”
so I just closed my eyes
wrapped my arms around myself
and started dancing
in my kitchen.
It was dark behind my eyelids
and it was just the song and me
and the dance was me
making love
to the thought of you.

Alenka H., 2023

Not telling you

There are so many things I want to say to you.
I wish to tell you how I hurt.
I want to share my silent days and lonely nights.
I want to say I’m cold and sad.
There are words and tears I want to share.
I long to tell you all my silly dreams
and how I still remember all our songs.
I want to tell you how I need someone,
I want to tell you how I miss you.
Not anyone. You.

The words are caught in my throat,
bitter and sharp and sour.
They block my air and stop my heart,
they ask, demand to be said.

Yet I’m silent and not telling a word.
Saying and not being listened to would hurt even more.

Alenka H., 2021

Drinking you

Take all away from me,
and it will preserve inside of me.
Give me the world,
and I will get nothing.

When I’ll drink up all of you,

Maybe in inebriation I will forget
that I’m drinking poison.

Alenka H., 2000-2010, translation

What is it?

What is this between us?
Hate, friendship,
Affection, love,
Or just the passion of two bodies
Whose souls want to
Run away?

We are so close
When there are distances between us…
And so far apart, when we are
Side by side,
So we could touch…
Yet we don’t dare to.
I know why we drink together.
Because we both deny,
And only when we are drunk,
When we at least think that
The other one is drunk too,
We dare –
Touch, hug, kiss…
And more!
And then it is gone… all?
I don’t dare to break
This silence between us –
I’m too afraid
You are not denying
What I am.

Alenka H., 2005-2010, translation

I said no

You said it’s love,
and I said no.

You said it’s closeness,
and I said no.

You said it’s marriage,
and I said no.

You said I want it,
and I said no.

You stopped talking,
and I stopped saying no,

it didn’t stop you anyway,
it just stopped my heart.

Alenka H., 2023

I miss you

Cold hands of emptiness
Are all that is hugging me
At night.
I try to imagine your kiss,
But the air is too still
And no heartbeat is near.
I look into darkness
And picture the touch
That would bring me alive.
My hand holds my hand
And I try to forget it.
I miss you so much.

Alenka H., 2021


There’s a price you must pay.

I said, yes, of course. I’ll give you my blood.

I don’t want your blood, she laughed.

I looked at her, wondering what more I could give. I’ll give you my soul, I offered.

Oh, my dear child, she smiled softly, your soul is already mine, and each tear you’ll pay with you’ll see: it’s not the cuts that sting, it’s the salty water that drops on them.

So I give her my tears, hoping that Goddess or Words will, once in eternity, smile to me.

Alenka H., 2022

I suppose

Yes, I suppose I’m quite naive.

But what could I do?

No, you never lied.

It was never your fault.

Yes, I tried to shield my heart,

but with each word you got more inside.

No, you never deceived me.

You never needed to.

Yes, I wanted too much.

More than we had.

No, I never thought I had a chance.

I just dreamed of our mornings.

Yes, I am quite foolish.

I wanted my lips to touch you as you touched my heart.

No, I don’t want to share this with you.

I could never survive you laughing at me.

Alenka H., 2023


Ssh, don’t open your eyes.
Just feel.
Feel my palm on your chest,
feel my lips on your neck.
Feel my tongue trailing down you body,
feel my hair on your stomach,
feel my hands on your thighs.
With eyes firmly shut
you can pretend it’s not me
and I can pretend
we’re making love.

Alenka H., 2022

Only a day

Our day was becoming a night.
I wanted to ask you to go on with me,
just one more hour,
just one more step,
one more embrace.
You left our train without saying a word,
and I whispered goodbye that will never be heard.
I’ve travelled so far,
only a day by your side.
The nights are much colder now.
And I dream of you.

Alenka H., 2022

Don’t speak

Don’t speak.
In silence the feeling is stronger.
Don’t say the words.
They’ve awoken the hope
That should be left dormant.
Your choice spoke so loud,
Your acts screamed each time.
I don’t want the drug
Of your words.
There is truth
I must see.
Don’t make me forget it.
Don’t break me again.

Alenka H., 2021