I dream us

I dream us
on early summer mornings
when the breeze is still sweet and fresh
sitting on the stairs
each with a cup of black coffee
inhaling the rich air
and silent love between us.

I dream us
on cloudless nights
looking at the starts
making up stories about them
and waiting for shooting stars
to wish us another day together.

I dream us
on cold rainy evening
together under a blanket
perhaps talking, perhaps not
it does not really matter
because all we need is us.

I dream us
laughing at children and dogs and the birds
marvelling at the beauties
and soothing the thorns
and we reach out and touch
and life is good again.

I dream us
as they told me I shouldn’t
because only when I dream us
we are still alive
and our death is too much to bear
while we are still breathing .

Alenka H., 2023

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