For you

For you, my love,
I’d make roses bloom
and sent their scent to you.
For you, my love,
I’d make the sun shine
and send it’s warmth to you.
For you, my love,
I’d create universes
and destroy worlds.
I’d make rivers stop flowing
and I’d move oceans.
I’d fight armies
and I’d heal dead men.
I’d bring you sugar
and make light.
I’d never leave you
and there isn’t anyone
that would be more faithful.

But, my love,
If you deny me, desert me,
I’ll be yours never again,
and my soul will leave,
even if my body cannot.
I’ll release my heart
and it will never come back.

I’ll die for you
whenever it takes,
but I’ll die because of you
only once.

Alenka H., 2021

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